Self portrait taken with La Sardina 35mm camera

hello & welcome to my corner of the internet; apparently in 2013 we all have to have one*. this is where i document my experimentation with film photography – and hopefully some improvement along the way – as a little scheme to encourage myself to dust off my non-digital cameras once in a while.

besides snapping away, other things i can be found doing include indulging in lazy weekend brunches, exploring new places, harassing befriending animals, making excuses to buy more breton tops/brogues/red lipsticks, and drinking proper cups of tea.

i’m ever-so-slightly addicted to the internet so you can also find me here:

bloglovingoodreads | instagram  | lomographypinteresttumblr | twitter

*i used to write a (now defunct) style blog & after deleting my site surprised myself by missing blogging 8 months down the line. oh & i now write a lifestyle blog, featuring lots of digital snaps, at accooohtrements.wordpress.com. i am nothing if not fickle.