disposable diaries #4

Classic Volkswagen Beetle in cobalt blue

i seem to have a habit of snapping classic cars & strangers’ cats: my scrapbook is full of photos of both. here’s a pick just from my most recently-developed disposable. what i wouldn’t give for a cobalt blue 1960s beetle…

Red classic carRagdoll catEastern National classic bus


a new old toy

Minolta 110 Zoom SLR camera

this minolta 110 zoom slr camera belonged to my late paternal grandfather. it was passed down to me a couple of years ago & i finally got round to playing with it over the weekend. i’ve no doubt that it is in full working order as it’s been incredibly well cared-for. i am also in no doubt that the spoils of my first roll will be terrible, but it’s already teaching me a lot about not being lazy & properly getting my head (& hands) around manual settings. wish me luck.